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半全场 www.uifft.com Ningbo GOOSVN Electronic Co., Ltd. is founded in Cixi, Zhejiang Province in 2003.Cixi GOSUN Electronic CO.,LTD is the previous name?of Ningbo GOOSVN Electronic CO.,LTD. GOSUN is one of the manufacturers and hi-tech enterprises of terminal blocks in industrial connection fields at that time. In 2008, the R&D and manufacturing base was established,and Company promoted to be GOOSVN Electronic CO.,LTD, become one of the leading manufacturers of the Terminal blocks. With the Continuous improvement and innovation of connection technology, GOOSVN has become the first batch of factory which could produce 80%……

Main Product

Application Area

The energy industry

Instrument industry

Industrial automation

Construction industry

Smart home industry

Communications industry

Security industry

Vehicle track/ship industry

Gaosheng electronics is committed to providing world-class products and quality services for manufacturing

Make the world safer!

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